Conference Schedule of the ComFor-Conference 2018: “Spaces Between”

2018 09 17 - 2018 09 19

13th Annual Conference of the German Society for Comics Studies (ComFor):

Spaces Between – Gender, Diversity and Identity in Comics

Illustration: Aisha Franz 2018

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Conference Schedule:

Monday, 17. September 2018
10:30h Meeting of the German Society for Comics Studies (ComFor)
12:00h Lunch Break
13:00h Welcome & Introduction
Conference Organizers | ComFor-Chair | Vice-Rectorate for Gender Equality and Diversity of the University of Cologne
13:30h Artistic Lecture
Philip Crawford (Berlin, GER)
My Noose Around That Pretty’s Neck
Chair: Barbara Margarethe Eggert
14:15h Panel 1: Representations of Dis/Ability
Chair: Anne Waldschmidt
Olga Tarapata (Köln, GER)
Between Crooked Lines: Disability in E.T. Russian’s Feminist Comic Books
Natalie Veith (Frankfurt a.M., GER)
Othering Voices and the Voice of the Other: The Depiction of Joseph Merrick in From Hell
Jonas Neldner (Köln, GER)
Noir Surrealism: The Hybrid Bodies of Charles Burns
15:45h Coffee Break
16:15h Panel 2: Graphic Medicine: Intersections of Comics, Health and Corporeality
Chair: Christina Maria Koch
Susan Merrill Squier (Pennsylvania, USA)
The Spaces Between: Negotiating Gender and Race in Transdisciplinary Comics Collaborations
Irmela Marei Krüger-Fürhoff (Berlin, GER)
Telling and Showing Dis/Continuities: Comics on Dementia
Alexandra Alberda (Poole, UK)
The Gaze, the Other and the Exhibit: Curating Graphic Medicine
17:45h Coffee Break
18:30h Keynote 1
Tahneer Oksman (New York City, USA)
An Art of Loss
Moderation: Véronique Sina


Tuesday, 18. September 2018
9:30h Panel 3: Making Comics and Exhibiting their Physicality
Chair: Christine Gundermann
Erin La Cour (Amsterdam | Utrecht, NL)
No Longer In-Between: Towards a Social Abstraction in Comics Exhibitions
Ann Miller (Leicester, UK)
The Nude and the Naked: from Fine Art to Comics
Katharina Brandl (Basel, CHE) | Anne Elizabeth Moore (Detroit, USA)
Do What You Love, or: About Precarious Living and Working Conditions in the Comics Industry
11:00h Coffee Break
11:30h Panel 4: (Trans-)Cultural Identities
Chair: Laura Schlichting
Anne Magnussen (Odense, DNK)
Mexican Comics and the Revolution
Anna Nordenstam (Gothenburg, SWE) | Margareta Wallin Wictorin (Karlstad, SWE)
Talking Back Strategies in Swedish Feminist Comics
Nina Mickwitz (London, UK)
Precarity and the Gendered Migrant Body in Nina Bunjevac’s Heartless
13:00h Lunch Break
14:45h Panel 5: (De-)Constructing Race and Ethnicity
Moderation: Marie Schröer
Priscilla Layne (Chapel Hill, USA)
Weyhe’s Postcolonial Approach to the Documentary Graphic Novel
Jonathan W. Gray (New York City, USA)
Descendants of Kings and Queens: Black Panther and Entangled African Cosmopolitanism
Jaqueline Berndt (Stockholm, SWE)
Destabilizing Gender but not Race? Effeminate Boys, Caucasian Appearances, and Uncertain ›Gutters‹ in (Shōjo) Manga
16:15h Coffee Break
16:45h Panel 6: Superheroes Revisited: Intersections of Gender and Genre
Chair: Stephan Packard
Jeffrey Brown (Ohio, USA)
Batman: Anchor for the Space Between
Ranthild Salzer (Wien, AUT)
Objectifying the Male: Early Superhero Comics as Fantasies of Masculinity
Olivia Hicks (Dundee, UK)
»No Place for Trespassers«: The Supercats and the British Superheroine
18:15h Coffee Break
19:00h Keynote
Carolyn Cocca (New York City, USA)
Reproducing Inequality and Representing Diversity: The Politics of Gender in Superhero Comics
Chair: Nina Heindl
Wednesday, 19. September 2018
9:00h Panel 7: Structures of Power and Difference in Superhero Comics
Chair: Lukas R.A. Wilde
Markus Engelns (Duisburg-Essen, GER)
The ›Man of Tomorrow‹ as Copy Template – Male Hegemony and its Reproduction in Superhero Comics
Thomas P. Scholz (St. Louis, USA)
Deconstructing the Superhero Genre: BDSM, Hypersexuality and Marshal Law
Juliane Blank (Saarbrücken, GER)
Rethinking the World of a Female Superhero. Marvel’s Jessica Jones as an Example of a Gender-Sensitive Marvel Adaptation
10:30h Coffee Break
11:00h Panel 8: Queering Comics
Chair: Daniel Stein
Frederik Byrn Køhlert (Norwich, UK)
Queer as Style: Ariel Schrag’s High School Comic Chronicles
Romain Becker (Lyon, F)
The Binary Comics of a Non-Binary Artist: How Vaughn Bodé’s Gender Structures his Work
José Alaniz (Seattle, USA)
TranSiberia and Queer Comics in Russia
12:30h Lunch Break
14:00h Panel 9: Fluide Körper [German]
Chair: Ole Frahm
Marina Rauchenbacher (Wien, AUT) | Katharina Serles (Dresden, GER)
Gerahmt und zerstückelt. Zeichenhaftigkeit und Wahrnehmung von Körpern in Comics
Anna Beckmann (Berlin, GER)
Strategien der Ambivalenzen – Uneindeutige Geschlechteridentitäten im Comic
Daniela Kaufmann (Graz, AUT)
Color Change & Gender Fluidity. Zur Korrelation von Farbe und Geschlecht bei George Herrimans Krazy Kat
15:30h Coffee Break
16:00h Panel 10: Alternative Comics und Feminismus [German]
Moderation: Dietrich Grünewald
Sylvia Kesper-Biermann (Hamburg, GER)
»…denkt lieber mal nach, wie das so zu Hause bei euch läuft«. Geschlechterverhältnisse in Alternativ-Comics der 1970er Jahre
Kalina Kupczynska (Łódź, PL)
BLUT, oder: Gender und Nationalität im polnischen Comic
Sophie Bürgi (Basel, CHE)
»Common scents«: Geruchsregime und affektive Zwischenräume in Lynda Barrys Comic One! Hundred! Demons!
17:30h Concluding Discussion
Chair: Nina Heindl | Véronique Sina


Christine Gundermann (University of Cologne | Department of History)
Nina Heindl (University of Cologne | a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne)
Véronique Sina (University of Cologne | Department of Media Culture and Theatre)

Conference organisation

Nina Heindl (University of Cologne | a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne)
Véronique Sina (University of Cologne | Department of Media Culture and Theatre)

Exhibition organisation

Christine Gundermann (University of Cologne | Department of History)



Attendants are kindly asked to register until August 31st 2018 at

The conference fee will be:
35 € for professors and postdocs
25 € for PhD-students and ComFor-members
15 € for students.

Please transfer the conference fee to our account (see below) no later than September 3rd 2018 (received payment!).

Nina Eckhoff-Heindl
IBAN: DE76 5001 0517 5425 2931 20
Reference: Conference fee, name of conference participant

The conference is being sponsored by: DFG, German Research Foundation | Finanzfonds der Universität zu Köln zur Umsetzung des gesetzlichen Gleichstellungsauftrags | the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) | MedienStiftung Kultur | a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne | Department of Media Culture and Theatre, University of Cologne .

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