CfP: NeMLA-Panel: German Graphic Novel (Auto)Biography

Northeast Modern Language Association
46th Annual Convention in Toronto, Ontario
30. April bis 3. Mai 2015
Panel Title: German Graphic Novel (Auto)Biography
Stichtag: 30. September 2014

Panel Description: This panel focuses on the graphic novel as a venue forpresenting autobiography and in particular the artist’s experience. Possible questions could consider how the artist uses the multimedia format to perform self-reflexive literary tasks, or ways that the visual genre allows for the artistic formation and presentation of identity.

Procedure for Submitting Abstracts:

This year, NeMLA is switching to a user-based system to process abstract submissions for sessions.
Interested scholars should go to and follow the instructions there to create a user account, and submit their abstract directly to the session.

Link to session:

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