CfP: Manga and the Manga-esque. New Perspectives to a Global Culture

Stichtag: 30.09.2014

15th Annual International Conference on Japanese Studies & the 6th Women’s Manga
22. bis 25. Januar 2015
Japanese Studies, Ateneo de Manila University, Manila
Stichtag: 30. September 2014

In the recent years, academic scholarship towards popular culture has been increasing. But why study Manga? Like all forms of popular culture, the consumption of such can produce social norms, establish social boundaries, and create rituals that generate social solidarity, generate innovation, and pave the way for social change, becoming a powerful and oft ignored media. The Japanese Government has realized this potential and has been using manga and anime as part of its soft power diplomacy. Recently, South Korea has been doing the same with K-pop and K-drama. Furthermore, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs has begun a campaign using Filipino komiks and animation. But none of these media have the same influence as manga. Manga, a Japanese term, which has now been accepted not only to refer to the comics published in Japan, but to also refer to works published in the various localities which derive their inspiration from that coming from Japan. While there have been several conferences and scholarship dealing with the topic of manga, the literature is quite divided between the lines of Western-based and Japanese-based scholarship. The Philippines becomes an interesting setting for a conference on manga, with its hybridized culture. The conference will not only provide fresh perspectives towards the study of manga, but will include studies of the manga-esque. The study of the manga-esque not only provides a peek towards Japan’s influence to the local culture, but also provides a peak towards the cultural negotiations of their creators to their local culture. The proposed conference would invite distinguished manga scholars from Japan and the world, which will then provide fresh perspectives in studying manga as a global culture

The conference organizers welcome paper submissions that are aligned with this year’s conference theme. It hopes to generate discussion that aims to enhance knowledge on manga and comic studies, the use of manga in the classrooms, and Asian perspectives to the study and teaching of popular culture.

The conference particularly encourages critical studies in the following areas:

  • Comparative studies on manga and manga-esque works
  • Manga in a globalized world
  • Theories on Manga Studies
  • Manga in the classroom

As this conference is co-hosted by Women’s MANGA Research Project (JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 24320047), there will be special panels on women and manga. Proposals of above areas focusing on gender and women are also welcome.

Other related topics are also welcome. Please email the abstracts and short bio to on or before 30 September 2014. All submissions will be refereed.

The conference will consist of sessions with 20 min. for each paper (+ sufficient Q&A time) and artist talks

Abstracts and bios should be in English. Please include a title, your name, affiliation, contact details (mailing address, email) and a brief description of your paper (maximum of 500 words).

comics/komiks/manga, Asia, cultures, locality, hybridity, globalization, Philippines, Japan, women, gender

Please direct any inquiries and submissions to Karl Ian CHENG CHUA (, Akiko SUGAWA-SHIMADA ( or Fusami OGI (
We are planning to have a special issue of an academic journal based on the conference.

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