CfP: Comics Art Conference

WonderCon Anaheim
3.-5. April 2015
Anaheim, CA
Stichtag: 01.12.2014

100 to 200 word abstracts for papers, presentations, and panels taking a critical or historical perspective on comics (juxtaposed images in sequence) are being accepted for a meeting of scholars and professionals at WonderCon Anaheim Anaheim, CA April 3-5, 2015.

We seek proposals from a broad range of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives and welcome the participation of academic and independent scholars. We also encourage the involvement of professionals from all areas of the comics industry, including
creators, editors, publishers, retailers, distributors, and journalists.

The CAC is designed to bring together comics scholars, professionals, critics, and historians to engage in discussion of the comics medium in a forum that includes the public.

Proposals due December 1, 2014

CAC submission form:

Dr. Kathleen McClancy

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