Call for Participants: Scottish Comics Unconference Meet-up 2015

The Scottish Comics Unconference Meet-up
in Glasgow, Scotland
28th February 2015
Stichtag: 28.12.2014

This Scottish Comics Unconference Meet-up is open to any and all with an interest in engaging seriously with the medium we study and love: students, teachers, librarians, academics, artists, publishers, critics, readers, collectors…

Like a conference, there will be moderators facilitating discussion.  Unlike a conference, there won’t be a pre-decided programme and there will be no keynote lectures or paper presentations.

Instead, the programme will be decided collectively and openly and the event will consist of collective work sessions facilitated by moderators. This means that the agenda will be set by the participants, not by the organisers.

The first session of the day will see a vote on which topics, submitted by participants prior to the meet-up, will be discussed in break-out sessions.

We would like to start exploring in advance what kind of activities, session topics,  tutorials, or workshops you would like to lead, or what kind of topics which you know little about, but on which you would like someone else to lead a session.  (If you propose a tutorial, then you are specifically volunteering to (co-)facilitate – if you are the only one who knows how to teach your topic, and you don’t show up, people will be disappointed).

What to do:
Please register your initial interest to attend using this form.
To carry on conversations about what sort of content a session might have or to learn more about unconferences please use our open planning document here.
Feel free to leave comments on this page and on the posts on our blog.
Show up!
This unconference is inspired in previous international events in a variety of academic disciplines. To find out more about what an unconference is and how the format can work, check out these links:

More information:

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