CfP: Encyclopedia of World Comics. Manga, Anime, Tintin, and more Comics from around the globe

ABC-CLIO (Greenwood Press Imprint)
Frederick Luis Aldama (Ohio State University) Editor
Christopher González (Texas A&M University-Commerce) Editor
Stichtag: 01.03.2015

First wave of entries due on March 1, 2015

More than ever before, the medium of comic books is enjoying serious scholarly study. This two-volume set will take readers around the world between the pages of comic books to find out how this art form reflects and shapes culture. This comprehensive look at comic books outside the United States will show the medium’s significant impact within the different countries that constitute the planetary republic of comic book letters. The A-Z entries will show the relative importance of, for example, manga in Japan, bande dessinée in France, and socio-politically charged comics in Mexico, among many others.

Taken individually and as a whole, the entries for each major country that cover conventions, histories, and cultural presence will demonstrate how each region creates a subsystem that collectively work together to build a planetary system of comic book storytelling. Individual entries will provide details specific to country and region. The overview essays will make apparent how all the pieces add up to a planetary system of comic book storytelling.

Entries will cover the following regions:

  • Comics in the UK
  • Comics in France/Belgium/Switzerland
  • Comics in the Rest of Europe
  • Comics in Japan
  • Comics in Asia
  • Comics in India
  • Comics in South America
  • Comics in Mexico/Central America/Caribbean
  • Comics in the Middle East
  • Comics in Australia
  • Comics in Africa

This comprehensive look at comic books outside the United States will demonstrate the importance of the significant contribution of other countries to the shaping of a planetary republic of comic book letters.

The ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WORLD COMICS: MANGA, ANIME, TINTIN, AND MORE COMICS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE will show its readers how the making and consuming of comic book outside of the United States has been a significant presence in the shaping of a planetary republic of comic book letters. Entries will provide in-depth coverage of the many facets of comics, cartoon art, and graphic narratives across the globe. The two volumes will provide comprehensive coverage of this art of comic book storytelling.

A-Z entries will range 500-1,000 words. Theme and overview essays will range from 1,500-2,500 words.

All contributors receive author credit and access to e-version of the encyclopedia upon publication.

Contributors of theme and overview essays (1,500-2,000 words) receive an additional $75-$100 upon publication.

If you are interested in writing an entry or multiple entries for the Encyclopedia of World Comics: Manga, Anime, Tintin, and More Comics from Around the Globe, please e-mail Dr. Frederick Luis Aldama and Dr. Christopher González at to receive a list of entries available and entry guidelines.

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