CfP: Comics and Visual Culture. A Conference for Student Research

February 27, 2016
On the campus of California State University
Northridge, Los Angeles
Stichtag: 04.12.2015

As part of a yearlong celebration of comics and graphic novels, CSU Northridge is hosting a conference devoted to student research in comics studies and related fields. The explosion of interest in the academic study of sequential art, including comics, graphic novels, and manga, follows hard on the heels of similar exponential growth in the availability of these formats, not only in comic shops but also in mainstream bookstores and online. At the same time, manga has expanded globally beyond Japan, so that what was once a very specialized interest in the west has similarly become ubiquitous – in print form and via adaptions on television, in theaters, and across media. Concurrently, the genre of ”the comic book movie,” especially via the Walt Disney Company and its ownership of Marvel Comics and Time Warner and its ownership of DC Comics, has dramatically changed the feature film industry. The synergy among film, television, the internet, novels, graphic novels, and comic books is virtually complete. In this light, our conference seeks papers that attempt to understand comics, and the interaction of comics and visual culture generally, from diverse perspectives.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Close readings of individual texts, including comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, manga, anime, film or television programs.
  • The cultural impact of comics and graphic novels
    Comic books, children, and education
  • Film, game, and other media adaptations of comic books, graphic novels, or manga
  • Industry studies (including studies of individual companies)
  • The history of sequential art forms
  • Authorship studies

Send completed papers (approx. 8 double-spaced pages) by Dec. 4 (no late papers accepted) to:
Frances Gateward via electronic mail:

Include institutional affiliation, academic standing, and postal address.

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