CfP: Page 23 LitCon 2016

Page 23 LitCon
at Denver Comic Con
Denver, CO
June 17‐19, 2016
Stichtag: 01.03.2016

500-­word abstracts for papers, panels, and roundtables offering a critical approach on comics and pop culture are being accepted
for a scholarly conference at DENVER COMIC CON DENVER, CO (June 17‐19, 2016)

Now in its fifth year, Denver Comic Con’s Page 23 LitCon seeks abstracts from all disciplinary and theoretical perspectives related to not only comics and graphic novels, but also gaming, television and film, anime, action figure studies—any pop culture topic is welcome!

We’re especially interested in:

  • Presentations examining the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman
  • Presentations and panels on Superstar Comic Creators of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, including guests of Denver Comic Con 2016
  • Panels centered on pop culture pedagogy, aimed at current teachers at all levels
  • Presentations and panels considering comics and culture, including representations of race, treatment of disability, women who changed the comics and pop culture industries of TV and movies, etc.

As Denver Comic Con attracts a wide range of guests, we will do our best to connect comics creators with scholarly presentations about their work. Editorial, interdisciplinary, and creative proposals are also welcome, along with traditional academic papers. Multimedia equipment will be available to all presenters, and we encourage and prefer visually engaging presentations. Page 23 LitCon has no registration fee and acceptance includes a three-­day pass to Denver Comic Con.

Please email abstracts and a brief personal biographical statement to by March 1st, 2016

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