CfP: Animation and the Comic Book

Canterbury Christ Church University
Symposium Chair: Dr. Craig Smith
30 September 2016
Stichtag: 19.07.2016

A one-day research symposium hosted by Canterbury Christ Church University that will take place as part of Canterbury Anifest.!cfp/c192n

Keynote Speaker confirmed: Professor Paul Wells

The animated film and comic book have a long-established relationship that features myriad forms of adaptation, remediation, and cross media synergy. This phenomena is global in nature, as we consider the work of Manga/Anime pioneer Osamu Tezuka, the adaptations of Herge’s Tintin, and the ongoing popularity of the U.S. Superhero ‘Saturday morning’ cartoon or feature-length adaptation. Furthermore, digital media has enabled different forms of hybridity between animation and the comic book to flourish in recent years in the guise of the ‘motion comic’ and ‘motion book’.

For this one-day symposium, we are inviting proposals for twenty-minute papers and practice-based research presentations that reflect upon the ongoing and evolving relationship between animation and the comic book. We also actively encourage proposals from interested postgraduate researchers.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • The shared history of animation and comics
  • Comic book adaptation
  • Animation adaptation
  • Augmentation and hybridity
  • Repurposing and remediation
  • Saturday morning superhero cartoons
  • Digital remediation and new forms of animated comics
  • Professional and amateur remediation of animation and comic book characters
  • Cross-media and Transmedia
  • Joint animation and comic book business models
  • Collaborative interactions

To submit a proposal, send an abstract (~250 words) and a short biographical note (~100 words) to, indicating in the email Subject Line: “Submission – Animation and the Comic Book Symposium”.

Deadline for abstract submission: 19th July 2016.

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