CfP: Michigan State University Comics Forum 2017

Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, Snyder/Phillips Hall
Campus of Michigan State University
February 20-26, 2017
Stichtag: 20.12.2016

The Michigan State University Comics Forum – – is an annual even that brings together scholars, creators, and fans in order to explore and celebrate the medium of comics, graphic storytelling, and sequential art. This year, we are celebrating our tenth anniversary, and the multiday event is scheduled to take place during the week of February 20-26, 2017 at the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities in Snyder/Phillips Hall on the campus of Michigan State University.

Our keynote address will be on the evening of Friday, February 24, 2017, and on Saturday (February 25), the Forum will feature scholarly presentations in a variety of formats as well as an artist spotlight featuring our guest of honor.

We seek proposals for presentations, which may include but are not limited to:

  • Individual submissions
    • Each presenter will have 15 minutes to discuss his/her topic along with 5 minutes for questions
    • Presenters will be grouped with other participants into a panel
  • Panel Sessions
    • Will run for 1 hour
    • Must include at least 3 presenters
    • Presenters must discuss similar or connected topics
    • Those proposing a panel are responsible for finding their own panel session members
  • Roundtables
    • Will run for 45 minutes to an hour
    • Must include at least 3 participants
    • Presenters must discuss one specific topic
    • Those proposing a roundtable are responsible for finding their own session members

Submissions from a broad range of disciplines are encouraged; however, presentations must be focused on the medium of comics. The MSU Comics Forum is seeking a multitude of perspectives that represent the diversity of comics and the medium’s social, literary, and artistic context.

Individual submissions require a 250-word (maximum) abstract of the topic as well as name and affiliation. Panel sessions require one 250-word abstract for the overarching topic and a unique abstract for each presenter’s specific topic, including name and affiliation, e-mailed together. Roundtable proposals should include a 250-word abstract that includes an explanation of the topic and the names and affiliations of the participants.

Due to the visual nature of the comics medium and diverse community engagement in the Forum, we ask that all presentations integrate visual content.

Proposals are due December 20, 2016 by 11:59 PM EST

Presenters will be notified of acceptance by Jan. 7th, 2017. Please submit proposals to the 2016 MSU Comics Forum Panel Coordinator, Zack Kruse, at:

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