„Transmedia Comics Culture“ – Panel der AG Comicforschung auf der NECS-Tagung 2018

Die Jahrestagung des European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS) steht 2018 unter dem Motto „Media Tactics and Engagement“ und wird im Juni in Amsterdam stattfinden. Wie schon 2017 wird die AG Comicforschung wieder mit einem Panel vertreten sein. Das Panel „Addressing and Engaging Audiences through Transmedia Comics Culture“ wird von der AG-Vorsitzenden Véronique Sina (Köln) moderiert.

Panel-Beschreibung (gekürzt):

„Taking McLuhan’s observations on the ‚world of sequence‘ and cool media as a starting point for comics, the panel will deal with different forms and ways of addressing and engaging audiences through transmedia comics culture. In this respect, the papers presented in this panel will not only deal with questions of authorship, claims of authenticity or techniques of testimony in (digital) ‘comics journalism’ and contemporary graphic narratives, but will also approach politics of gender in the transmedial serialization of the so called ‘Brinkley Girls’ in early 20th century America as well as current tactics of audience engagement in superhero blockbuster movies based on DC and Marvel comics, showing that comics in fact do encourage their audience to engage and interact with various forms of ‘sequential storytelling’ in different media.“


  • Felix Brinker (Berlin/Hannover), „Superhero Blockbusters and the Politics of Audience Engagement“
  • Christina Meyer (Hannover), „Transmedia Practices, Modernity, and Celebrity Culture in Early 20th-Century America“
  • Laura Schlichting (Gießen), „The Role of Authors to Comics Journalism“
  • Sándor Trippó (Debrecen), „Bearing Witness: Visual Strategies of Audience Engagement in Nonfiction Comics“

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