CFP: Comics and popular media as social practice in Southeast Asia

LASALLE College of the Arts
December 3 - 5, 2018
Stichtag: 15.04.2018

In Southeast Asian cultures, images, gestures, narratives and audience participation are frequently conflated into a single expressive genre. Extending from the panel Public Space and Social Interventions, this session addresses a lacuna in regional art histories which have yet to analyse the significance of mass media forms as flexible creative expressions that include both visual and textual elements. Papers in this session could address the contemporary relevance of comics, posters and murals, as well as new and digital media forms as conduits of social artistic expression.

Panel 3 at the conference „Art and Action: Contemporary Art and Discourse in Southeast Asia“ organised by MA Asian Art Histories Programme, McNally School of Fine Arts and LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

Full CFP:

New modes of artistic production have come to the fore in Southeast Asia since the 1970s. Often responding to fractious social contexts, art has expanded from its officially-circumscribed institutional settings and discourses, intervening into public spaces, tackling social issues, and engaging new audiences. However, while artistic practices have evolved in more critical directions formally and conceptually, art historical debates, mostly borrowed from Euramerican academia and tinged with market deference, have yet to fully consider these developments.
This international conference seeks to develop methodologies from the region in order to provide new insights into seminal artworks, as well more recent artistic expressions that build upon the innovative trajectories established in the 1970s.
Thematic Panels and Call for Papers:
We invite original 20 minute paper proposals to present on six key thematic panels that address issues and art historical discourses arising out of the particularities of Southeast Asian artistic practice. These panels are:
  • Old Codes New Meanings: Aspects of tradition in contemporary Southeast Asian art
  • ‘Stealing’ Public Space: How Southeast Asian contemporary art engages with the city
  • Direct Dissemination: Comics and popular media as social practice in Southeast Asia
  • Word-play as Clue and Cue: The place of text in contemporary Southeast Asian art
  • Not Lagging, sometimes Leading: Tracing the implications of technological parity
  • Daring Canon: Assessing art historical narratives of Southeast Asian contemporary art
Papers will be peer-reviewed for inclusion in panels. Selected papers will also be considered for publication in an edited volume following the conclusion of the conference. Participation fee will be waived for selected papers.
Depending on funding, travel and accommodation support may be available for select participants based on financial need. Applicants wishing to seek travel support should contact the convening team using the online contact form here.
Panel Proposal:
The organisers also welcome proposals for additional panels, consisting of three to four papers, which develop or expand on the conference themes.
Conference Details:
Date: 3-5 December, 2018
Venue: LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, 1 McNally Street, Singapore 187940
Attendance Fee: SG$50 early bird pricing
Paper proposals must include a 200 word abstract.
Panel proposals should consist of a 200 word panel description, as well as a 200 word paper abstract for each speaker.

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