CFP: The Marvel Universe

Edited Volume about the Marvel Universe
Edited by Douglas Brode, Alicia M. Goodman, and Robert G. Weiner
Stichtag: 31.07.2018

The editors of a forthcoming volume are seeking concise essays of around 5,000 words related to any aspect of the Marvel Universe. We are seeking pieces that are academically sound, but accessible to the general reader. We want a unique collection of original and interpretive essays about the Marvel Universe that give original insights about all sorts of aspects related to the Universe Marvel has built since the 1930s. We are also doing a companion volume looking at the DC Universe.
The editors are operating under the premise that the term ‚universe‘ has come to be associated with the vast output of Marvel in terms of their diverse products: films, TV series, comic books, graphic novels, video games, action figures, and numerous other commercial products featuring their characters. In truth, the term is more significant than simply a catch-all as the Marvel Universe does indeed offer a unique, organized, and interlocking element that obeys the rules of a true Solar System. We are looking for individual articles focusing on everything from the distinct quality of action figures, video games, to how specific characters have gradually evolved in film, television, books, comics, graphic novels etc.,
Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Marvel and the Pulp Universe set up by Martin Goodman (e.g. characters like Kazar who were also used for the comics-Marvel Science Stories)
  • The Golden Age Timely-Marvel Universe
  • The Teen and Funny Animal characters in the Timely/Atlas/Marvel Universe
  • Gender in the Marvel Universe
  • Time Travel in the Marvel Universe
  • Toys and the Marvel Universe
  • The Atlas superhero/monsterverse
  • The Marvel Westernverse
  • The flawed superhero in the Marvel Universe
  • DC vs. Marvel
  • Video Game Worlds and Marvel
  • How the Marvel Universe represents our reality
  • Licensed properties within the Marvel Universe (e.g. Conan, Kull, Transformers, G. I. Joe, Micronauts,
    Team America, ROM, etc.)
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Early versions of Cinematic Universes in animated shows and television
  • The Marvel Universe as seen by non-Western eyes (e.g. Brazilian X-Men, Korean Captain America)
  • Marvel Universe in Fan Fiction
  • The Marvel Universe in novels and short story fiction.
  • Race in the Marvel Universe from the Golden Age (e.g. WhiteWash Jones, portrayals of the Japanese)
    to today
  • Sexuality and Marvel Universe
  • The Anti-Hero and the Marvel Universe from the Sub-Mariner to Wolverine and the Punisher
  • The Religious Universe of Marvel (eg., Illuminator, Kitty Pryde and Ben Grimm’s Judaism, The Golem,
    Nightcrawler’s Christianity, Ms. Marvel’s Islam).
  • Villainy and the Marvel Universe
  • Key Figures who created the Marvel Universe: Martin Goodman, Stan Lee, Bill Evertt, Carl Burgos, Jack
    Kirby, John Romita, Frank Miller, Chris Claremont, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Steve Ditko, Brian Michael Bendis, etc. What was their vision and role?
  • Alternate Marvel Universes (e.g. Earth X, Universe X, What If, etc.)
  • The Cosmic DC Universe
  • The Marvel Music Verse
  • Children’s books and Marvel

Please send a 200-500 word abstract to Douglas Brode and Alicia Goodman by July 31st, 2018. Please note that submission of an abstract and or paper does not guarantee publication.

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