Tagung „Comic Art and/as Remembrance in German Culture and Beyond“ in Chicago

01.11.2018 - 02.11.2018

Heute und morgen findet in Chicago, IL eine Konferenz zum Thema „Comic Art and/as Remembrance in German Culture and Beyond“ statt. Organisiert wird die zweitägige Veranstaltung von Susanne Rott (Germanic Studies);  Christian Klein (Max Kade Visiting Professor / Bergische Universität Wuppertal) wird die Konferenz eröffnen. Die Vorträge befassen sich mit deutschsprachigen Graphic Novels u.a. von Birgit Weyhe, Simon Schwartz und Otto Binder.

Kurzbeschreibung (englisch):

„Identity is unthinkable without remembrance. Memories alone make us who we are — as an individual as well as a collective. With regard to the interpretation of historical processes as well as with regard to one’s own self, remembrance therefore has a fundamental significance. But memories are always retrospective interpretations from a present-day point of view, which are usually mediated. While the importance of media products such as films, paintings or literary texts for the individual and collective memory in culture has already been widely studied, the analysis of comics and graphic novels in this context has so far rather been neglected. Against this background, the conference on Comic Art and/as Remembrance in German Culture and Beyond intends to focus on the meaning and the achievements of graphic narratives for the field of remembrance, examining questions on various dimensions. The conference examines aspects of content as well as the formal achievements of memories in comics and asks about the reception of such comics that must be seen as part of the cultures of remembrance.“

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