CFP: Visual Discourse and its Circulation between Europe and Asia

Interface. Journal of European Languages and Literatures
Issue 9 (June 2019)
Guest Editor: Go Koshino (Hokkaido University)
Stichtag: 31.03.2019

Language-focused discourses have long lost their privileged position in humanities since discourse came to be understood as any communicative social practice through which meaning is created. In interface Issue 9 we would like to focus on Visual Discourse (i.e., those social practices that depend extensively on visual cues for the production of meaning) and its Circulation between the East and the West. Pictorial texts (such as still and moving images, the built environment, etc.) are easy to get across language barrier on the one hand; on the other hand, the ambiguity of visual image can generate more cultural misunderstandings and even new meanings in the course of cross-cultural communication.

While we very much welcome articles seeking to expand the realm of research in Visual Discourse, we also invite articles that pay attention to the boundary of visual text itself so as to examine the very nature of visuality in the multiple cultural contexts. Firstly, an important issue we would like to see discussed is translation (adaptation) between visual and other types of text and medium (literary, acoustic, etc.). Secondly, we would appreciate discussions of the effects in the meaning-creation of invisible elements (visually unrepresentable) appearing alongside the visual discourse, and which are often influenced by the historical, cultural, and political contexts.

interface –Journal of European Languages and Literatures is inviting original unpublished papers written in English, French, German, Spanish Russian or Italian for interface Issue 9, to be published in June 2019 that could address, but need not be restricted to, the following topics:

  • Transcultural and cross-genre translation (adaptation) including visual language.
  • Visualization of invisible or invisiblization of visual factors in the process of cross-cultural interface
  • Visual aspects of cultural commemoration and “memory-scape” on wars, revolutions, and other significant events
  • Politics of visual representation in the media discourse.

Papers should be submitted online at no later than March 31, 2019.

All potential authors should consult our website for Author Guidelines (

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