CFP: Drawing and Science

Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice
Peer reviewed publication
Stichtag: 28.02.2020

Historically the distinction between art and science has been articulated in ways that have claimed a great void exists between the disciplines. However, over the last twenty years many worldwide diverse and collaborative projects have helped us to understand that the parallels between the two are far more closely aligned than history might suggest. More recently we have come to understand the commonalities that exist between the disciplines are not the only fertile ground as cross-disciplinary collaboration or inquiry does not have to be comfortable, agreeable and settled and its potential may lie in drawing out provocations.

The nature of seeking answers to questions that sit outside of one’s immediate territory is nothing new. Indeed, 2019 witnessed anniversaries of both Leonardo and Ruskin, in which their polymath status was celebrated. This call responds to growing interest in drawing research that investigates ideas through scientific methodologies or utilizes scientific data in ways that offer new insights to multiple fields, as well as submissions that take a historical perspective on such relationships.

This issue of DRTP invites contributions that respond to the rich context of Drawing and Science in its broadest sense. Submissions are encouraged that participate in the extended dialogue that exists between drawing and science-related fields. Therefore, submissions may explore the theme through individual or collaborative approaches, including diagrammatic drawing, notation, exploratory, documentary, investigative or propositional. Contributions could present drawing as process, activity or product, may engage historical and contemporary practices in different fields of practice and across a range of disciplines – fine art, design, architecture, craft, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, physics, biology, etc.

We invite several kinds of contributions, including:

  • Articles (5000 words, 1–6 images
  • Research Projects or Project Reports (3000 words, 1–4 images)
  • Critical Essays (3000 words, 1–4 images)
  • Profiles (1500 words, 1–2 images)
  • Exposés (1500 – 2000 words, 1–2 images)• Featured Drawings (1–2 images and 1000 words)
  • Exhibition / Books Reviews (1000 – 1500 words)

See Notes for Contributors on the Intellect website for full submission details.

Deadline: 28 February 2020

Papers can also be uploaded via the Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice Intellect webpage. Submissions will be double blind peer-reviewed.

Please submit a PDF Document with embedded images (72 dpi), captioned, as Name_Surname.doc. A Word Document with separate images (300dpi) will be required via will be required on acceptance. All contributions should be original and not exceed 20 Mb.

Authors are responsible for copyright permissions (article [author] and images [artist or institutional copyright / photographer’s permission]). Only copyright forms supplied by Intellect are accepted (handsigned, scanned and returned as PDF files).

Please refer to the DRTP Notes for Contributors and to the Intellect House Guidelines for details. Authors should ensure guidelines are adhered to; failing to do so leads to delays, and may result in the editor having to return or withdraw the submission

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