CFP: Alejandro Jodorowsky Anthology

Edinburgh UP
Stichtag: 25.02.2021

We are currently soliciting 250-500 word abstracts for essays to be included in an essay collection on Alejandro Jodorowsky to be published as part of the University of Edinburgh ReFocus series, which examines international directors (series editors: Robert Singer, Stefanie Van de Peer, and Gary D. Rhodes). As the first comprehensive anthology focusing on Alejandro Jodorowsky’s career, this collection seeks to deepen our understanding of Jodorowsky as a filmmaker and artist.

Essays may focus on

  • Jodorowsky-directed features and short films: La cravate (1957), Fando y Lis (1968), El Topo (1970), The Holy Mountain (1973), Tusk (1980), Santa Sangre (1989), The Rainbow Thief (1990), The Dance of Reality (2013), Endless Poetry (2016), and Psychomagic, A Healing Art (2019), including also unfinished work and the legendary status of his unrealized Dune adaptation.
  • Jodorowsky’s cinema in relation to his theater practice / early neo-avant-garde formation ; psychoanalysis ; spiritual teaching (ie, psychomagic / psychoshamanism) ; philosophy ; Buddhist practice ; Tarot ; the art forms of mime and puppetry ; and/or in relation to his work as an accomplished comics writer (The Incal, The Technopriests and Metabarons).
  • Themes related to authorship/autobiography, especially as relates the most recent films.
  • Sound and score in Jodorowsky’s films.
  • Experimentation and Genre.
  • Comparative analysis between Jodorowsky’s work and other director’s films.
  • Jodorowsky and adaptation (Fernando Arrabal, René Daumal, Frank Herbert and others)
  • Your suggestion.

Essays included in the refereed anthology will be approximately 6,000-8,000 words, referenced in Chicago endnote style.

Please send an abstract, CV, and a 100-150 word author bio, to by the February 25th deadline.

Any questions can be sent to

Michael N. Witte, PhD: