Publikationshinweis: „Comics and Videogames: From Hybrid Medialities to Transmedia Expansions“

Wir freuen uns, ein neues, spannendes Werk in der Comic Forschung anzukündigen: Das Buch Comics und Video Games: From Hybrid Medialities to Transmedia Expansions wurde von Andreas Rauscher, Daniel Stein und Jan-Noël Thon herausgegeben und ist seit Oktober online als Open Access Publikation sowie in gedruckter Fassung im Routledge Verlag erhältlich. Das Werk gliedert sich nach der Einleitung in die Teile „Hybrid Medialities“ und „Transmedia Expansions“, mit je sieben Kapiteln von unterschiedlichen Beitragenden.

Das Buch geht auf das Symposium “Comics|Games: Aesthetic, Ludic, and Narrative Strategies” zurück, welches Anfang November 2018 auf Schloss Herrenhausen in Hannover stattfand. Sowohl das Symposium als auch die Open-Access Publikation wurden von der Volkswagenstiftung gefördert.



This book offers the first comprehensive study of the many interfaces shaping the relationship between comics and videogames. It combines in-depth conceptual reflection with a rich selection of paradigmatic case studies from contemporary media culture. 

The editors have gathered a distinguished group of international scholars working at the interstices of comics studies and game studies to explore two interrelated areas of inquiry: The first part of the book focuses on hybrid medialities and experimental aesthetics „between“ comics and videogames; the second part zooms in on how comics and videogames function as transmedia expansions within an increasingly convergent and participatory media culture. The individual chapters address synergies and intersections between comics and videogames via a diverse set of case studies ranging from independent and experimental projects via popular franchises from the corporate worlds of DC and Marvel to the more playful forms of media mix prominent in Japan. 

Offering an innovative intervention into a number of salient issues in current media culture, Comics and Videogames will be of interest to scholars and students of comics studies, game studies, popular culture studies, transmedia studies, and visual culture studies.



Part I: Hybrid medialities

  • Nicolas Labarre: “Of Pac-Men and Star Raiders : Early mutual representations between comics and videogames (1981–1983) ”
  • Carman Ng: “Interfacing comics and games : A socio-affective multimodal approach ”
  • Daniel Merlin Goodbrey: ”Game comics : Theory and design ”
  • Hans-Joachim Backe: “ Game-comics and comic-games : Against the concept of hybrids ”
  • Nina Eckhoff-Heindl: “Building stories : The interplay of comics and games in Chris Ware’s works ”
  • Tim Glaser: “Homestuck as a game : A webcomic between playful participation, digital technostalgia, and irritating inventory systems ”
  • Claudius Stemmler: “Metal Gear Solid and its comics adaptations ”

Part II: Transmedia expansions

  • Dominik Mieth: “Many Spider-Men are better than one : Referencing as a narrative strategy ”
  • Robert Alan Brookey, Nan Zhang: “The not-so Fantastic Four franchise : A critical history of the comic, the films, and the Disney/Fox merger ”
  • James Fleury : “The road to Arkham Asylum : Batman: Dark Tomorrow and transitional transmedia ”
  • William Uricchio: “When rules collide : Definitional strategies for superheroes across comic books and games ”
  • Joleen Blom: “The manifestations of game characters in a media mix strategy ”
  • Josefa Much: “Creating Lara Croft : The meaning of the comic books for the Tomb Raider franchise ”
  • Susana Tosca: “Beyond immersion : Gin Tama and palimpsestuous reception ”

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