Neue Buchreihe & Call for Manuscripts: Comic Studies

Wir freuen uns, eine neue Schriftenreihe ankündigen zu können: Herausgegeben von Patrick Noonan, Karin Kukkonen, sowie Jaqueline Berndt und Stephan Packard erscheint bei Degruyter nun die Reihe Comic Studies – Aesthetics, Histories, and Practices:

This new international series expands the field of comics studies with research from around the world and across disciplines. It explores the aesthetics, histories, and practices of comics in order to bring different academic traditions engaged in the study of all forms of sequential art and graphic narrative into dialogue with one another.

The series covers formal, semiotic, media and cognitive studies approaches to the artistic, graphic, and media formation of comics. It seeks to illuminate the varied historical contexts, developments and differences between styles, schools, and genres of comic books; and to bring into focus the various practices, uses, functions, politics, and the conditions for production and reception of comics, including production studies as well as fan and participation studies. In other words, it addresses questions such as, What makes a comic book? What are the effects of lines, panels, and page-layouts? How are comics produced, distributed, and read?

Exposés für die ersten Titel der Reihe können bereits eingereicht werden:

We are looking for manuscripts on comics, manga, graphic novels, and other forms of sequential art. All volumes in the series will be published in English and will be peer-reviewed by two academics in the particular area of specialization. The series editors want to prioritize Gold Open Access publications and will work with authors to acquire financial backing to make this possible. […] A proposal for this series should comprise roughly 5 pages, including an abstract, table of contents, chapter-by-chapter summary, and contributor bios. Please do not include suggestions for external reviewers. Please note that proposals for journal articles or individual chapters in edited volumes cannot be considered.

Weitere Informationen finden sich auf der Verlagsseite.