CFP: Wonder Woman

June 10-12 June, 2022
Stichtag: 01.03.2022

In July 1972 Ms. magazine released its first independently-published issue, featuring the now famous “Wonder Woman for President” cover. Although first appearing in comics in 1941, Wonder Woman’s focus on compassion and empathy spoke to the publishers and readers of this feminist magazine fighting for women’s rights in the 1970s, and she continues speaking to modern readers today. Whether appearing without the male gaze in Patty Jenkins’ 2017 film, fighting to defend an abused and exploited young woman in Greg Rucka’s Hiketeia (2002), or helping take down a corrupt real estate mogul in Amanda Conner & Alex Sinclair’s Agent of Peace (2020), Wonder Woman continues to represent an empowered female hero fighting with empathy and challenging patriarchal systems that take advantage of others. Moreover, 2021 finally saw the return of Diana’s black sister, Nubia, who first appeared in 1973. While L. L. McKinney’s Nubia: Real One addresses the very real contemporary struggles of black women growing up in the United States, Vita Ayala & Stephanie Williams’ Nubia & the Amazons puts Nubia on the throne of Themyscira while welcoming the first trans-Amazon to the island. Clearly, Wonder Woman and her storyworld still resonate even eighty years after her introduction.

In June 2022, this virtual conference will bring together scholars from across disciplines to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the “Wonder Woman for President” cover, to explore various aspects of Wonder Woman and her storyworld, as well as the continuing appeal of this empowered character.

Possible topics include:

  •                Wonder Woman as ancient reception
  •                Wonder Woman’s engagements with Greek & Roman mythology & history
  •                Wonder Woman’s Amazons and the historical & mythological Amazons
  •                Wonder Woman & feminism
  •                Wonder Woman, Nubia, & anti-racism
  •                Wonder Woman, queer theory, & the LGBTQ+ community
  •                Wonder Woman & comics studies
  •                Wonder Woman merchandise
  •                Wonder Woman in novels, video games, TV, & film
  •                The Wonder Woman fandom community

Please submit an abstract of 300 words plus bibliography to and by 1 March 2022. The conference will be held virtually from 10 to 12 June 2022.