Comics Methodology Workshop in Bern

Stephanie Hoppeler, Lukas Etter und Gabriele Rippl weisen auf einen Workshop an der Universität Bern hin, der sich auf die Diskussion von Methoden zur Comicanalyse und ihre Reflektion konzentriert.

Unter dem Titel “Interdisciplinary Methodology: Comics Studies between Literary Studies, Art History and Media Studies” findet das Treffen am 14. und 15. Oktober dieses Jahres in Bern statt. Die VeranstalterInnen schreiben:

“Our motivation for this event is to reduce what we see as a stark discrepancy between the popularity of Comics Studies on the one hand and the virtual lack of encompassing methodological reflection on the other.

We have planned one keynote speech for each of the two days: Dr. Thierry Groensteeen (freelance lecturer and curator; founder of will hold an introductory speech on Friday 14 October, and Dr. Roger Sabin (lecturer at Central St. Martins University of the Arts, London) will give a paper on Saturday 15 October. Each speech shall be followed by several thematic panels, in which researchers will present their papers and thereby introduce a broader discussion.

We intend to choose papers that include or stimulate reflection on the methodological issues Comics Studies and Intermediality Studies raise, as well as on possibilities to tackle these issues.”

Interessenten wenden sich an die Webseite der Einrichtung oder kontaktieren Stephanie Hoppeler direkt.

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