Animate Europe-Competition 2015

In 2013, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom organised the International Comics Competition “Animate Europe” for the first time. 2015 it will see a second edition, starting now.

“Europe Fast Forward”

“In the beginning, there was war. Then a project was set up to bring peace and prosperity to Europe. Today, it has grown to be an ever closer union of 28 very diverse member states. In recent years, the European project has been braving troubled waters. Though it remains a fascinating idea, it is struggling with low popularity.

Imagine you could fast-forward in time… anytime into the future, be it 2025, 2050 or 2500. What do you think Europe will look like? Will the European Union stick together and master its challenges as one? What role will it play in the world? How will we live? Which scientific innovations will shape our everyday life? Look into your crystal ball!”

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