CfP: SANE Journal: Sequential Art Narratives in Education

ISSN: 2153-2613
Vol. 3, No. 1
Stichtag: 2016 11 30

Researchers, scholars, teachers, administrators, specialists, and advanced graduate students are invited to submit works of research, reviews, and rationales. The mission of SANE Journal is to promote research regarding the integration of comic books, graphic novels, or “other” sequential art narratives in educational settings; including the teaching of comics or the ways in which the comics medium can instruct, or cause a change in behavior.

Manuscripts should be submitted by November 2016, with an anticipated publication date of Spring 2017.

SANE Journal is a peer-reviewed, open access interdisciplinary journal covering all things comics-and-education-related, from pre-k to doctorate. For more information, email Richard Graham (

Articles can be submitted for review and possible inclusion by visiting:

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