Conference Report “On the Aesthetics of the Made in Animation and Comic”

Ästhetik des GemachtenFrom November 9-11 2016, a co-operation of two commissions of the German Society for Media Studies (GfM) brought us a symposium on the aesthetics of artificiality in animation and comics, at Herrenhausen near Hannover: “On the Aesthetics of the Made in Animation and Comic”. The program was put together by Hans-Joachim Backe (Kopenhagen), Julia Eckel (Marburg/Bochum), Erwin Feyersinger (Tübingen), Véronique Sina (Köln), and Jan-Noël Thon (Tübingen).

Just now, two conference reports have been published in different journals:

On März 15 2017, Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal (12.1) published English conference proceedings by Sebastian Bartosch (Hamburg):
Continue to the English report.

And on März 20 2017, ZfM – Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft released a German article on the conference by Vanessa Ossa (Tübingen):
Continue to the German report.

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