Black Lives Matter in the German Society for Comics Studies

The German Society for Comics Studies (ComFor) is in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Our members_ share values of the movement and the sorrow, horror and resolute political and personal resistance against the violent racism that has recently become visible once again. We also oppose the structural injustice and discrimination that people of colour face in all communities and institutions where our members live and work. Equality, diversity, and human rights obligate our actions and the way we deal with our roles in scientific networks, in our critical research, and in public.

Structural and systemic racism affects our entire society and thus also the ComFor. Therefore, simultaneously with this statement, the ComFor publishes a mission statement for diversity in the ComFor as well as a first version of “Best Practice” guidelines (German version only) to promote diversity and to reduce structural disadvantages and mechanisms of exclusion. We appeal to all our members to actively support these measures.