CFP: Italian Comics in the New Millennium

NeMLA 53rd Annual Convention
March 10-13, 2022
Baltimore, Maryland (USA)
Organizer: Alessio Aletta (University of Toronto)
Stichtag: 2021 09 30

In the last few decades, a series of pivotal transformations have deeply influenced nearly every aspect of Italian comics industry, from creation to distribution to fruition: just to name a few, the rise of webcomics; the increasing popularity of so-called “graphic novels; the controversial attempts at renovation on the part of historical serialized comics; the ongoing process of intellectual legitimization of the “ninth art” both in the eyes of general public and academia. This panel aims to bring to light recent developments in Italian comics (indicatively from the turn of the millennium onwards), identifying possible trends. Papers examining individual works or artists, publishers, possible general trends, reception or comics theory are welcome.

Possible topics include (but are by no means limited to):

    • Serial comics, “authorial comics” and the hybridization of the two
    • Tradition and renovation in established Italian comics publishers (e.g. Disney, Bonelli, Astorina…)
    • Autobiography and Autofiction
    • Comics to represent reality (e.g. political satire, migration, Covid, reportage comics)
    • Representation of gender (e.g. Silvia Ziche, Fumettibrutti, Zazu)
    • Webcomics, e-comics, “mobile-comics”
    • Transnational authors, experiences, perspectives
    • New perspectives in Italian comics theory

You are welcome to submit an abstract and short bio via the NeMLA website by September 30. For any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me at