CFP: Trash

Ausgabe 01/23 der Zeitschrift kuckuck. Notizen zur Alltagskultur
Stichtag: 2023 05 15

Extended Call for Papers – Trash // Issue 01/23 of the journal kuckuck. Notes on everyday culture

Trash describes waste, rubbish and discarded. The left-overs or seemingly useless (by-)products of capitalistic production and consumption, thrown away and forgotten. In the light of an Anthropocene or Capitalocene, the relevance of trash is also being (re)discovered in scientific dicourse. At the same time, trash also refers to junk: whether in the form of printed matter, on sound or data carriers, audio or video streaming platforms, in film, television, literature or in the world of fashion, games and toys: trash or trashy decribes (cultural) artefacts that are considered trivial, primitive, banal. The collecting, classifying, parodying, appropriating, transforming, playing and/or recurring fashions and trends can give trash an (unexpected) quality that turns around its (supposedly) “bad” connotation. Analytical perspectives on object attributes combined with production and reception practices could mark an contemporary approach to make trash tangible for cultural studies beyond high and popular culture

We welcome (historical) empirical, essayistic, artistic and conceptual contributions on the theme of trash. Please submit your paper electronically to by 15.05.2023.

We are happy to receive initial ideas or short abstracts by e-mail at any time. Further information can be found here.



With warm regards

Mateja Marsel & Maurizio Scelsi

Due to some dropouts, the kuckuck is again calling for papers until May 15th, 2023.