Journal Monitor 17: New Publications on Comic Books

The Journal Monitor is a subcategory of the regular Monitor. It is an irregularly published overview of issues of international journals on comics studies as well as special issues on corresponding topics. The introductory texts and/or tables of contents come from the respective websites.
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European Comic Art  16.2

Cover des Journalsonline im Abonnement

  • Domingo Sánchez-Mesa, Jan Baetens: “Intermediality and Comics”
  • David Miranda-Barreiro: “Intermediality and Transmedial Thanatography in Jacobo Fernández Serrano’s Lois Pereiro: Breve encontro”
  • Daniela Kuschel: “‘Between Stage and Page’: La vida es sueño as Comic Book”
  • Nicoletta Mandolini, Giorgio Busi Rizzi: “Brazilian Trans Artivism, Comics and Communities, between Digital and Print: The Cases of Pequenas felicidades trans and Transistorizada


ImageText  14

Cover des Journalsonline, open access

Issue 1:

  • Alexander Slotkin, Laura Gonzales: “Technical Storytelling: Comics and Community”
  • Mónica González Ybarra, Idalia Nuñez: “Zines from the Borderlands: Chicanx/Latinx Pre-service Teacher Multimodal Critical Reflections”
  • Emma Kostopolus: “Skillshare and Guerrilla TechComm: Zines in the Technical Writing Classroom”
  • Kristin C. Bennett: “Bam! Pow! Zap! Battling Systemic Ableism in Technical and Professional Medical Communications through the Application of Graphic Medicine Grounded in Disability Justice”

Issue 2:

  • Seamus O’Malley: “Superpowerlessness: Hellblazer and Thatcher”
  • Nao Tomabechi: “The Silk Road to Better Representation: Marvel’s Silk and the Progress of Asian American Female Representation”
  • Yi Wang: “’Memories Are Powerful Things’: Exploring Post-Incarceration Trauma Through Young Adult Comics”



Gothic Studies 25.3

Cover des JournalsSonderausgabe: Gothic and Comics

online, open access

  • Julia Round, Susanne Schwertfeger: “Introduction: Gothic and Comics”
  • Stuart Lindsay: “The Transgressive Bodies of Dark Horse Comics’ Aliens Line”
  • Mary Beth Tegan, Matthew Costello: “A Woman is Being Side-Kicked: Gothic Superheroes and the Suppression of Female Autonomy Amid Feminism’s Second Wave”
  • Matthew J. A. Green: “‘Keep it Gothic, Man’: Gothic and Graphic Medicine in Ian Williams’s The Bad Doctor
  • Tosha R. Taylor: “Gothic Doubling and Fractured Identity in Shōjo Manga: Yuki Kaori’s Angel Sanctuary
  • Catherine Spooner: “My Friend the Devil: Gothic Comics, the Whimsical Macabre and Rewriting William Blake in Vehlmann and Kerascoët’s Satania


Inks: The Journal of the Comics Studies Society 7

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Issue 1:

  • Michelle Ann Abate: “Thinking Outside of the Box: Theorizing the Frameless Panel”
  • Jacob Murel: “An Exploration in the Digital Analysis of Comics Images”
  • Philip Smith: “Sandro Botticelli’s Visual Language in Illustrations of The Divine Comedy
  • Jenny Robb: “Preserving the Legacy of Black Press Cartoonists”

Issue 2:

  • Manuela Di Franco: “From Funnies to Adventures: Translation, Censorship, and Adaptation of American Comics in Fascist Italy”
  • Michael Kobre: “Disallowed Truths: Race, Shadow Books, and Captain America”
  • Elizabeth Woock: “The Graphic “I” in Research Comics”
  • Elizabeth Woock: “Visualizing the Author”
  • Natsume Fusanosuke, Jon Holt, Teppei Fukuda: “A Wide Range of Possible Expression from Tezuka’s Manga to Gekiga, from Azuma Hideo to Doraemon”

Issue 3:

  • Edmilson F. Miranda Jr., David Callahan: “(In)visible Interstices: Double-Consciousness and the Gutter in Brazilian Jefferson Costa’s Rosebush, Medal, Plantation and Other Stories
  • John Petrus: “Monstrous Beauty: The Alternative Aesthetic of Difference in Emil Ferris’ My Favorite Thing Is Monsters
  • Lara Saguisag: “Labor in the Margins: Filipino Comics Workers in the US Comic Book Industry”


Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 14

Cover des Journalsonline, open access

Issue 5:

  • Abhilasha Gusain, Smita Jha: “A Visual Dialogue: Practising Hospitality through the reading of Graphic Narratives”
  • Enrique Del Rey Cabero: “Portrait of the comics artist as a failure. Conflicted authorship, metacomic and exercises in style in Kiko da Silva’s El infierno del dibujante
  • Tyler Welsh: “Lost in adaptation: (violent) frames in The Killing Joke
  • Arya Suresh, Sathyaraj Venkatesan: “‘Fog of Medication’: psychiatric drugs, neurochemical selves, and graphic medicine”
  • Ritam Sarkar, Somdatta Bhattacharya: “Urban comics and social justice: restructuring neoliberal spaces of Delhi in Sarnath Banerjee’s all quiet in Vikaspuri
  • Kazumi Nagaike: “Queer seduction in Japanese essay manga: an analysis of manga physicality and gay, lesbian and Fujoshi eroticism”
  • Anna Nordenstam, Margareta Wallin Wictorin: “Climate Activism – Contemporary Swedish Feminist Comics”

Issue 6:

  • Vikram Nijhawan: “’The lunatic, the lover, and the poet’: ambiguous three-way authorship in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman #19, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
  • Aishwarya Katyal, Neha Jain: “Behold the Virago: Iconography of goddess Kali and body politics in Someday by Samidha Gunjal”
  • Rafael Alarcón Medina: “Sensational comics: erotic comics, women, and popular subjectivity in neoliberal Mexico”
  • Pritesh Chakraborty: “Youth in peril: representation of vulnerability of young people in doga comic books”
  • Danielle Terceiro: “Three graphic memoirs and the ‘family mind’ in action”
  • Robert Aman: “Spirou in the Congo: colonial racism and civilising mission in journal de Spirou 1938-1960”
  • Abinsha Joseph, Smita Jha: “Lands that make us: decoding maps, landscapes, and identities in Aaniya Asrani’s Portraits of Exile
  • Sathyaraj Venkatesan, Arya Suresh: “Geography of madness: communitarian psychiatry and spatial logic in The Third Population
  • Katarzyna Machała: “Reading To Kill a Mockingbird two generations later: the graphic novel”