CFP: Spanish Comics. Special Issue of ‘European Comic Art’

European Comic Art
Special Issue
Spring 2018
Stichtag: 2017 03 01

Call for Articles

Since the 1980s Spanish comics have gone through an impressive development, and today the country’s comics scene combines a strong group of experienced comics artists who continue to publish, with a new, highly talented group. This development is inspired by general trends in European comics, but it also, of course, refers to a specific Spanish context that includes both a vigorous comics tradition with roots in the early 20th century, and a particular historical development including a long dictatorship and the extraordinary political transition in the 1970s that led to democracy.

Within comics scholarship, Spanish comics have received a certain degree of interest, but not nearly as much as for example British or French comics, and only little of this research is published English. With this special issue we hope to draw attention to the very rich Spanish comics field, both in its present state and its development over time. We invite articles that focus specifically on certain comics or comics artists, or more broadly, on historical periods or genres. We are also very interested in reviews, especially of some of the many relatively recent publications about Spanish comics in Spanish.

To be able to include a variety of perspectives on Spanish comics the finished articles should be no longer than 6000 words and with a maximum of five illustrations.

Please send us a short abstract (200 words) about your proposal to co-editor Anne Magnussen, no later than March 1. We will get back to you shortly after. The deadline for the actual article will be September 1, but its publication will of course depend on positive peer reviews.

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Anne Magnussen
Ann Miller
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