Journal Monitor 05: New Publications on Comic Books

The Journal Monitor is a subcategory of the regular Monitor. It is an irregularly published overview of issues of international journals on comics studies as well as special issues on corresponding topics. The introductory texts and/or tables of contents come from the respective websites.
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SANE: Sequential Art Narrative in Education 2.4 (2019)

online (open access)

    • Mary F. Rice, Ashley K. Dallacqua: Teaching visual literacies: The case of The Great American Dust Bowl
    • Jingwei Xu: Film on Paper, Graphics on Screen, Feminism in Story: An Exegesis of a Feminist Graphic Novel Project
    • Matt Reingold: Bridging the Divide through Graphic Novels: Teaching non-Jews’ Holocaust Narratives to Jewish Students


    Inks 3.3 (Fall 2019)

    online (via subscription)

    • Michelle Ann Abate: Racial Lines: The Aesthetics of Franklin in Peanuts
    • Joshua T. Anderson: Re-Animalating Native Realities: The Funny Animals and Indigenous First Beings of Native Realities Press
    • Blair Davis: All-Negro Comics and the Birth of Lion Man, the First African American Superhero
    • David Gedin: Format Codings in Comics—The Elusive Art of Punctuation
    • Daniel Reboussin: The Papa Mfumu’eto Papers: An Urban Vernacular Artist in Congo’s Megacity
    • Osvaldo Oyola: YA = Young Avengers: Asserting Maturity on the Threshold of Adulthood


    The Journal of Comics and Culture 4 (2019)

    print (via subscription)

    • Steven Thompson: Cover Story: Comic Books in World War II
    • Paul Levitz: A Moment in Transition: African American Men At War in DC Comics
    • Arie Kaplan: Captain American and World War II: Drawn Together


    European Comic Art 12.2 (2019)

    online (via subscription)

    • Charles Forsdick: Bande dessinée and the Penal Imaginary: Graphic Constructions of the Carceral Archipelago
    • Marco Graziosi: Edward Lear: A Life in Pictures
    • Amadeo Gandolfo and Pablo Turnes: Fresh off the Boat and Off to the Presses: The Origins of Argentine Comics between the United States and Europe (1907–1945)
    • Anna Nordenstam, Margareta Wallin Wictorin: Women’s Liberation: Swedish Feminist Comics and Cartoons from the 1970s and 1980s


    Comicalités – Études de culture graphique

    online (open access)

      • Sylvain Lesage, Bounthavy Suvilay: Introduction thématique: pour un tournant matériel des études sur la bande dessinée
      • Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
      • Agatha Mohring: Mise en abyme de la matérialité de la bande dessinée dans Mensajes de Mariano Casas
      • Côme Martin: La première lecture de livre: de la manipulation matérielle de la page comme expérience unique

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