Journal Monitor 07: New Publications on Comic Books

The Journal Monitor is a subcategory of the regular Monitor. It is an irregularly published overview of issues of international journals on comics studies as well as special issues on corresponding topics. The introductory texts and/or tables of contents come from the respective websites.
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Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics

online (via subscription)

  • Benjamin Fraser: Tactile comics, disability studies and the mind’s eye: on “A Boat Tour” (2017) in Venice with Max
  • Cara Gormally: The baby-making black hole
  • Tatiana Prorokova-Konrad: Child soldiers in transatlantic graphic narratives of war
  • Fionnuala Doran: Alone amidst X-men: Rogue, sexuality, and mental illness
  • J. Andrew Deman: Busting Loose: Ms. Marvel and post-rape trauma in X-Men comics
  • Pfunzo Sidogi: (South) Africa’s online animation revolution: the case of Jonas Lekganyane’s The adventures of Noko Mashaba
  • Jillian Fleck: A stranger heritage: Canadian identity in the comics of Michael DeForge
  • Vlad Beronja: Twilight zones of history: Aleksandar Zograf’s Regards from Serbia and the Serbian alternative comics of the 1990s
  • Giorgio Busi Rizzi: Immigrant song: nostalgic tensions in Shaun Tan’s The Arrival
  • Maria Pagès: The spreading of technical knowledge in post-Civil War Spain: the example of Josep Escobar
  • Tomasz Żaglewski: From white eagles to turbopoles. The specifics of superhero narratives in Polish comic books
  • Tomasz Żaglewski: The Impossibles revived: Hanna-Barbera’s superhero universe in TV and comics
  • Patrick Grant & Elizabeth MacFarlane: Designing a literary workshop for the graphic novel: a critical tradition and a new literary form
  • Camilla Baasch Andersen: Musings on the comic book contract project and legal design thinking
  • Paul Mountfort: ‘Tintin, gender and desire’
  • Keith Friedlander: Beyond alternative: Michael DeForge and the new grotesque
  • Delilah Bermudez Brataas: Gods and monsters: authorial creation in Gaiman’s Sandman and McCreery and Del Col’s Kill Shakespeare
  • Leonie Brialey: Varieties of sincerity and irony in the work of Michael Leunig and Mary Leunig
  • Paul Uhlmann: Lines of doubt, fear and tenderness in the work of José Luis Cuevas and Tommi Parrish


Studies in Comics 10.2

Special Issue: Comics and Nation

online (via subscription)

  • Tiffany Neo, Alex Mitchell: Expanding comics theory to account for interactivity: A preliminary
  • Debarghya Sanyal: The sound of silence: Blank spaces, fading narratives and fragile frames in comics
  • Leslie McMurtry: Dark night of the soul: Applicability of theory in comics and radio through the scripted podcast drama
  • John C. Traver: Hero or villain? Moral ambiguity and narrative structure under the Comics Code in 1950s Superman stories
  • Benjamin Fraser: On polysemiotic interactions, visual paratexts and image-specific translation in comics: The case of Rodolfo Santullo and Matías Bergara’s Dengue
  • Mathieu Donner: Rethinking illness through performance: The gaze and the aesthetics of health in Charles Burns’ Black Hole

European Comic Art 13.1

online (open access)

  • Laurence Grove: Twenty Years of IBDS
  • Matthew Screech: Gauguin and Van Gogh Meet the Ninth Art: Postmodernism and Myths about Great Artists
  • Mike Classon Frangos: Liv Strömquist’s Fruit of Knowledge and the Gender of Comics
  • Simone Castaldi: ‘The Inexhaustible Surface of Things’: Stefano Tamburini’s Comic Book Work
  • Dani Filc: Tintin and Corto Maltese: The European Adventurer Meets the Colonial Other


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