Conference Schedule of the ComFor-Conference 2018: “Spaces Between”

2018 09 17 - 2018 09 19

13th Annual Conference of the German Society for Comics Studies (ComFor):

Spaces Between – Gender, Diversity and Identity in Comics

Illustration: Aisha Franz 2018

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Conference Schedule:

Monday, 17. September 2018
10:30h Meeting of the German Society for Comics Studies (ComFor)
12:00h Lunch Break
13:00h Welcome & Introduction
Conference Organisers | ComFor-Chair | Vice-Rectorate for Gender Equality and Diversity of the University of Cologne
13:30h Artistic Lecture
Philip Crawford (Berlin, GER)
My Noose Around That Pretty’s Neck (abstract)
Chair: Barbara Margarethe Eggert
14:15h Panel 1: Representations of Dis/Ability
Chair: Anne Waldschmidt
Olga Tarapata (Köln, GER)
Between Crooked Lines: Disability in E.T. Russian’s Feminist Comic Books (abstract)
Natalie Veith (Frankfurt a.M., GER)
Othering Voices and the Voice of the Other: The Depiction of Joseph Merrick in From Hell (abstract)
Jonas Neldner (Köln, GER)
Noir Surrealism: The Hybrid Bodies of Charles Burns (abstract)
15:45h Coffee Break
16:15h Panel 2: Graphic Medicine: Intersections of Comics, Health and Corporeality
Chair: Christina Maria Koch
Susan Merrill Squier (Pennsylvania, USA)
The Spaces Between: Negotiating Gender and Race in Transdisciplinary Comics Collaborations (abstract)
Irmela Marei Krüger-Fürhoff (Berlin, GER)
Telling and Showing Dis/Continuities: Comics on Dementia (abstract)
Alexandra Alberda (Poole, UK)
The Gaze, the Other and the Exhibit: Curating Graphic Medicine (abstract)
17:45h Coffee Break
18:30h Keynote 1
Tahneer Oksman (New York City, USA)
An Art of Loss (abstract)
Moderation: Véronique Sina
 20:30h Conference Dinner Haus Unkelbach (Luxemburger Str. 260 | 50937 Cologne)


Tuesday, 18. September 2018
9:30h Panel 3: Making Comics and Exhibiting their Physicality
Chair: Christine Gundermann
Erin La Cour (Amsterdam | Utrecht, NL)
No Longer In-Between: Towards a Social Abstraction in Comics Exhibitions (abstract)
Ann Miller (Leicester, UK)
The Nude and the Naked: from Fine Art to Comics (abstract)
Katharina Brandl (Basel, CHE) | Anne Elizabeth Moore (Detroit, USA)
Do What You Love, or: About Precarious Living and Working Conditions in the Comics Industry (abstract)
11:00h Coffee Break
11:30h Panel 4: (Trans-)Cultural Identities
Chair: Laura Schlichting
Anne Magnussen (Odense, DNK)
Mexican Comics and the Revolution (abstract)
Anna Nordenstam (Gothenburg, SWE) | Margareta Wallin Wictorin (Karlstad, SWE)
Talking Back Strategies in Swedish Feminist Comics (abstract)
Nina Mickwitz (London, UK)
Precarity and the Gendered Migrant Body in Nina Bunjevac’s Heartless (abstract)
13:00h Lunch Break
14:45h Panel 5: (De-)Constructing Race and Ethnicity
Moderation: Marie Schröer
Priscilla Layne (Chapel Hill, USA)
Weyhe’s Postcolonial Approach to the Documentary Graphic Novel (abstract)
Jonathan W. Gray (New York City, USA)
Descendants of Kings and Queens: Black Panther and Entangled African Cosmopolitanism (abstract)
Jaqueline Berndt (Stockholm, SWE)
Destabilizing Gender but not Race? Effeminate Boys, Caucasian Appearances, and Uncertain ›Gutters‹ in (Shōjo) Manga (abstract)
16:15h Coffee Break
16:45h Panel 6: Superheroes Revisited: Intersections of Gender and Genre
Chair: Stephan Packard
Jeffrey Brown (Bowling Green, USA)
Batman: Anchor for the Space Between (abstract)
Ranthild Salzer (Wien, AUT)
Objectifying the Male: Early Superhero Comics as Fantasies of Masculinity (abstract)
Olivia Hicks (Dundee, UK)
»No Place for Trespassers«: The Supercats and the British Superheroine (abstract)
18:15h Coffee Break / Snack
19:00h Keynote 2
Carolyn Cocca (New York City, USA)
Reproducing Inequality and Representing Diversity: The Politics of Gender in Superhero Comics (abstract)
Chair: Nina Heindl
Wednesday, 19. September 2018
9:00h Panel 7: Structures of Power and Difference in Superhero Comics
Chair: Lukas R.A. Wilde
Markus Engelns (Duisburg-Essen, GER)
The ›Man of Tomorrow‹ as Copy Template – Male Hegemony and its Reproduction in Superhero Comics (abstract)
Thomas P. Scholz (St. Louis, USA)
Deconstructing the Superhero Genre: BDSM, Hypersexuality and Marshal Law (abstract)
Juliane Blank (Saarbrücken, GER)
Rethinking the World of a Female Superhero. Marvel’s Jessica Jones as an Example of a Gender-Sensitive Marvel Adaptation (abstract)
10:30h Coffee Break
11:00h Panel 8: Queering Comics
Chair: Daniel Stein
Frederik Byrn Køhlert (Norwich, UK)
Queer as Style: Ariel Schrag’s High School Comic Chronicles (abstract)
Romain Becker (Lyon, F)
The Binary Comics of a Non-Binary Artist: How Vaughn Bodé’s Gender Structures his Work (abstract)
José Alaniz (Seattle, USA)
TranSiberia and Queer Comics in Russia (abstract)
12:30h Lunch Break
14:00h Panel 9: Fluide Körper [German]
Chair: Ole Frahm
Marina Rauchenbacher (Wien, AUT) | Katharina Serles (Dresden, GER)
Gerahmt und zerstückelt. Zeichenhaftigkeit und Wahrnehmung von Körpern in Comics (abstract)
Anna Beckmann (Berlin, GER)
Strategien der Ambivalenzen – Uneindeutige Geschlechteridentitäten im Comic (abstract)
Daniela Kaufmann (Graz, AUT)
Color Change & Gender Fluidity. Zur Korrelation von Farbe und Geschlecht bei George Herrimans Krazy Kat (abstract)
15:30h Coffee Break
16:00h Panel 10: Alternative Comics und Feminismus [German]
Moderation: Markus Streb
Sylvia Kesper-Biermann (Hamburg, GER)
»…denkt lieber mal nach, wie das so zu Hause bei euch läuft«. Geschlechterverhältnisse in Alternativ-Comics der 1970er Jahre (abstract)
Kalina Kupczynska (Łódź, PL)
BLUT, oder: Gender und Nationalität im polnischen Comic (abstract)
Sophie Bürgi (Basel, CHE)
»Common scents«: Geruchsregime und affektive Zwischenräume in Lynda Barrys Comic One! Hundred! Demons! (abstract)
17:30h Concluding Discussion
Chair: Nina Heindl | Véronique Sina

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Christine Gundermann (University of Cologne | Department of History)
Nina Heindl (University of Cologne | a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne)
Véronique Sina (University of Cologne | Department of Media Culture and Theatre)

Conference organisation

Nina Heindl (University of Cologne | a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne)
Véronique Sina (University of Cologne | Department of Media Culture and Theatre)

The conference organisers are supported by
Bettina Begner, Stephan Böhm, Jan Harms, Yasmin Neuhaus, Anja Pflugfelder, Michaele Pollich, Jacqueline Rehse, Lukas Respondek, Elea Thieser, Alina Valjent, Elsa Weiland, Lies Weimer, and Philin Zwirner.

Exhibition organisation

Organisation of the exhibition “Comics and Disability Studies”:
Véronique Sina (University of Cologne | Department of Media Culture and Theatre)

Organisation of the exhibition “SuperQueeroes. Unsere LGBTI*-Comic-Held_innen”:
Christine Gundermann
(University of Cologne | Department of History)



Attendants are kindly asked to register until August 31st 2018 at

The conference fee will be:
35 € for professors and postdocs
25 € for PhD-students and ComFor-members
15 € for students.

Please transfer the conference fee to our account (see below) no later than September 3rd 2018 (received payment!).

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The conference is being sponsored by: DFG, German Research Foundation | Finanzfonds der Universität zu Köln zur Umsetzung des gesetzlichen Gleichstellungsauftrags | | the equal rights commissioner of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Cologne | the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) | MedienStiftung Kultur | a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne | Department of Media Culture and Theatre, University of Cologne .

Cooperation Partners

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