CFP: Exploration of Current Ecological Issues and Concerns in Graphic Narratives

Edited Volume
Editors: Banu Akçeşme, Betül Ateşci Koçak, Kenan Koçak (Kayseri Erciyes University, Turkey)
Series Editor: Harriet Earle, Sheffield Hallam University, UK (Routledge Global Perspectives in Comics Studies)
Stichtag: 01.04.2022

Nature has been one of the fundamental concerns of humanity since the beginning of the world. Every century witnessed worries about nature due to its crucial role on the continuation of humanity. There has been a growing interest in the exploration of ecological issues since the 1980s as a consequence of aggravating environmental problems and natural degradation brought about by growing industries, overconsumption, pollution, deforestation, etc. Ecocriticism that aims to study the relationship between literature and the environment has emerged as an interdisciplinary field that promotes cross-fertilization of different areas to provide insight into environmental considerations and foster ecological thinking. There have been many attempts and efforts to raise eco-awareness to contribute to ecological restoration in different fields of studies including literature, art, law, philosophy, and education along with ecological sciences. Consequently, many citizens have become highly aware of carbon footprint, zero carbon, greenhouse effect, global warming, biodegradable products, sustainability, and water harvesting to name a few.  Graphic storytellers have also turned their attention to ecological issues and covered environmental concerns in their works more consciously in recent years. The ecocritical studies have been long limited to non-fictional and fictional works in the mainstream literature and graphic narratives that include comics, graphic novels, manga, cartoons have been neglected and not received enough attention as a suitable material to be studied from ecocritical perspectives. This book intends to contribute to ecocritical studies with special emphasis on the representations and expressions of ecological issues and concerns in graphic narratives.

We would like to invite authors to contribute a chapter to a volume we are co-editing entitled Exploration of Current Ecological Issues and Concerns in Graphic Narratives.

Papers should be 6000-8000 words (inclusive of all notes and bibliography) and the deadline for ABSTRACTS (400-600 words) is 1st April 2022. See below for deadlines. Abstracts and papers should be submitted to the editors by e-mail via The chapters to be submitted can cover, but not limited to, the following issues:

  •  -Eco-feminism
  • -Ecophilosophy
  • -Ecoethics
  • -Ecolinguistics
  • -Environmental in/justice
  • -Ecopsychology/environmental psychology
  • -Ecopolitics
  • -Environmental policies
  • -Eco-identity/place-identity
  • -Eco-discourse
  • -Queer lives beyond boundaries
  • -Animals
  • -Environmental apocalypticism
  • -Politics of Representation
  • -Posthumanism
  • -Urban ecology
  • -Postnature

Deadline schedule:
Submission of abstracts: 1st April 2022
Notification of abstract acceptance: 1st May 2022
Submission of full chapters: 1st October 2022

Publication date: To be confirmed