CfP: NeMLA-Panel: Comedy and Comics: Parody, Satire, and Humor in Superhero Narratives

Northeast Modern Language Association
46th Annual Convention in Toronto, Ontario
30. April bis 3. Mai 2015
Panel Title: Comedy and Comics: Parody, Satire, and Humor in Superhero Narratives
Stichtag: 30. September 2014

Panel Description: Stan Lee bristles at calling them „comic books,“ lest readers think they are only „funny books.“ This panel identifies how humor operates in works centered around superheroes—as parody, satire, and comedy. Potential topics include comedic twists on the superhero archetype; „campy“ TV and film adaptations of „serious“ characters; webcomics and humorous children’s books; teaching satire through comics; and cross-cultural appropriation of the superhero motif.

Submit abstracts to Session ID#15447 at A free account at is required to submit abstracts. Submit questions to or

This session welcomes submissions on a range of topics. This session may draw together studies of comics and the superhero motif as captured in works published by mainstream and independent outlets, including the works of Mark Millar, Frank Miller, and Alan Moore, and in works including El Chapulín Colorado, Dr. Horrible, Robocop, El Santos, The Tick, and Tiger and Bunny. This session also can include presentations focused around children’s literature, based on how often texts directed at younger readers—Bone, Captain Underpants, and The Powerpuff Girls—eschew the conceits of superhero narratives to appeal to audiences across multiple age groups. In addition, camp in comics motivates considerable discussion in gender and sexuality studies, as many scholars develop their scholarship out of the shadow of the Adam West Batman television series (itself continuing in new comic books released by publisher DC Comics). Additional topics can focus on the use of satire built around superheroes in fan communities online, such as The Hawkeye Initiative and Escher Girls.

Derek McGrath
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