CfP: Politics: A Conference on Comics

Comics Forum 2015
Leeds Central Library (UK)
12th-13th November 2015
Stichtag: 30.07.2015

From their earliest incarnations comics have addressed political topics and have often been the source of political controversy. Whether it is because of their representations of particular people, their depictions of controversial events or the very politics of their existence, comics and politics are closely linked. As more and more artists and creators choose to address complex and nuanced topics in comic book form, we are seeing the relationship between comics and politics develop in all new directions.
Comics Forum 2015, the seventh event in the annual conference series, will consider politics in comics and graphic novels, and abstracts are invited for talks to be given at the event.

Subjects for discussion may include, but are not limited to:

  • Comics about politics
  • The politics of comics
  • Editorial cartoons
  • History of political comics
  • Nationalist comics
  • National comics
  • Political controversy in comics
  • Political othering in Comics
  • Politics of comics scholarship

As part of this year’s Comics Forum conference,
Applied Comics Network (https://appliedcomicsnetwork. will lead a session on the politics of comics that communicate specific information, and the use of comics in education. For this session in particular, we welcome proposals from both comics creators and comics scholars. ACN is a network for anyone who works with comics/graphic narrative and information.

Proposals of 250 words are invited for talks of up to 20 minutes in length, and should be emailed along with a short biography (around 100 words) to
Please put the phrase ‘CF2015 Paper Submission’ in your subject line. Proposals for panels of either 60 or 75 minutes are also welcome. If you wish to submit a panel proposal, please include the line ‘CF2015 Panel Submission’ in your subject line and make sure you include an indication of the panel’s length and biographies of all your speakers in your abstract.

The deadline for submission is 30/07/2015 and notification of acceptance or rejection will be emailed by or
before 16/08/2015.

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