CfP: Book on Mad Magazine

Stichtag: 15.09.2015

Call for papers for a book on Mad magazine. We are looking for scholarly examinations of the magazine, its humor, its artists, its cultural and political impact, and its influence. The book is under consideration by a major university press, and will expand what was covered in a recent special issue of Studies in American Humor. Here is the link to the contents of that issue:

Possible topics include the following:  feminist approaches; racial issues; humor types/genres/media; movie and TV parodies; recurring features, such as “Spy vs. Spy”; examinations of specific artists/writers; precursors; legacy/influence; and others.

Please send queries or proposals by September 15, 2015 to Judith Yaross Lee, the editor of Studies in American Humor:

Judith Yaross Lee
Ohio University

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