CFP: Popular Romance

2017 Midwest Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference
Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch, St. Louis, Missouri
October 18 - 22, 2017
Stichtag: 30.04.2017

2017 Midwest Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference

Love and romance are pervasive elements in popular culture, showing up in film, television, fiction, manga, advertising, advice columns, pop songs, and more. We are interested in any and all topics about or related to popular romance and its representations in popular culture (fiction, stage, screen—large or small, commercial, advertising, music, song, dance, online, real life, etc.)

Topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • critical approaches, such as readings informed by critical race theory, queer theory, postcolonial studies, or empirical science
  • depictions in the media and popular culture (e.g., film, television, literature, comics)
  • literature and fiction (genre romance, poetry, animé)
  • types of relationships (marriage, gay and lesbian)
  • historical practices and traditions of and in romance
  • regional and geographic pressures and influences (southern, Caribbean)
  • material culture (valentines, foods, fashions)
  • folklore and mythologies
  • jokes and humor
  • romantic love in political discourse (capitalism)
  • psychological approaches toward romantic attraction
  • emotional and sexual desire
  • subcultures: age (seniors, adolescents), multi-ethnic, inter-racial
  • individual creative producers or texts of popular romance
  • gender-bending and gender-crossing

Submit a one-page (200-250 words) proposal or abstract by 30 April 2016 to the Popular Romance area on the MPCA/ACA website Please include name, affiliation, and e-mail address with your abstract. MPCA/ACA can provide an LCD projector for presentations, but it must be requested with your proposal. If necessary, indicate and submit potential scheduling conflicts along with your proposal. If you wish your presentation to be listed as MACA (rather than MPCA), please include this request with your proposal.

More conference information can be found at
For further inquiries or concerns, please contact Popular Romance Area Chair, Maryan Wherry,

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