CFP: Neuróptica. Estudios sobre el comic

Journal, published using an Open Journal System
Universidad Zaragoza
Stichtag: 01.01.2019

Neuróptica. Estudios sobre el comic would like to invite any researchers who might feel interested to take part in its first issue. Articles can be submitted until 1st January 2019, and must be written in Spanish, French, English, Italian or Portuguese.

This journal is published using an Open Journal System (OJS), and all its articles undergo a thorough double-blind review process. The journal is scientifically endorsed and supported by the R&D project “Studies of audiovisual culture during the last period of Franco’s regime (1970-1975). The process of modernization and transition in filming, photography, television, comic and design”, the research group „Japan and Spain: relationships through art“ and „Japon“ and „Vestigium“ reference research groups. The Art History department at the University of Saragossa are also collaborator in this project, and meetings with Saragossa city hall are being actively held in order for this institution to become a collaborator as well.

Articles are admitted for the sections of varia (texts that, from any approach, take cómic like object of study); reviews of scientific publications and monographic. The last is detailed below.

Under the title “The Spanish comic at a crossroads: from the last stages of Franco ́s regime to disillusionment” we are trying to reflect on a complex and decisive period in the history of this artistic manifestation in Spain: from the first signs of change in society at the end of the 1970s until the so-called “disillusionment” at the end of the 1980s, when democracy was becoming more and more consolidated.

From an inter- and multidisciplinary point of view, studies about the influence of political and social changes on comic go hand in hand with analysis of specific authors, fanzines, magazines or publishers.Any perspectives comparing historic foreign developments in relation to the abovementioned Spanish background will also be considered. That context saw the birth of new events that allowed authors and fans to meet, as well as a growing increase in studies about this subject; and it was because of the latter that “Neuróptica. Estudios sobre el cómic” was initially developed between 1982 and 1987.

Therefore, this first issue appears as a compendium of a time both complex and fascinating, as well as a tribute to the first Neuróptica, thanks to which we can now enjoy a new phase of its publication. More information in:

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