CFP: The Wakandan Civitas and its Panthering Futurity

Edited Volume
Vernon Press
Stichtag: 01.09.2019

Vernon Press invites chapter proposals on African History. All areas of study, including disciplines such as Black History Race Studies and Women’s & Gender History, among others, are invited to submit.

Black Panther envisions ‚Afrotopic‘ advancement; in other words, it imagines an Afrocentric utopia. This call invites examinations of black civilization as portrayed in various literary forms (novels, graphic novels, films etc). Discussions will be centered around representation of Africa and the African diaspora.
The volume will take its inspiration from the cultural phenomenon of and surrounding Black Panther to reflect on the existence of a ‚Panthering effect‘, i.e. an African past and present reevaluated or reconceptualized in view of an ameliorative futurity.

This call welcomes scholarly papers on, but not limited to:

  • Africana Studies or any related discipline
  • Utopic or dystopic representations of Africa
  • Theoretical enquiry about the African continent and/or diaspora
  • Examination of traditionalized ‚gazes‘ and othering motifs
  • Symbolisms and tropes of and about Africa
  • Nationalism, separatism, classism, and any other ‚isms‘

Deadline for proposals: September 11 2019
Deadline for first drafts: February 11 2020
Please submit one-page proposals (200 words aprox.) including an annotated summary and a short biographical note.
For further questions or to submit your proposal, you can email Jorge Serrano (

A paper that has been published previously may not be included.
Selected abstracts will be notified by the end of September 2019, and full chapters should be submitted by February 1, 2020. Complete chapter lengths should be between 6000-7000 words.
Selected papers (subject to double blind peer review) may appear in an edited volume with Vernon Press. Vernon Press is an independent publisher of scholarly books in the social sciences and humanities. We work closely with authors, academic associations, distributors and library information specialists to identify and develop high quality, high impact titles.

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