Publikationshinweis: „Frames and Framing in Documentary Comics“ von Johannes C.P. Schmidt

Kurz, nachdem  Comfor-Mitglied Johannes C.P. Schmid den Band „Framing [in] Comics and Cartoons“ (mit Christian A. Bachmann) herausgegeben hat, folgt auch schon seine nächste Publikation: bei Palgrave Macmillan erschien kürzlich – als ebook und Print-Ausgabe  – seine Monographie Frames and Framing in Documentary Comics.



„Frames and Framing in Documentary Comics explores how graphic narratives reframe global crises while also interrogating practices of fact-finding. An analog print phenomenon in an era shaped by digitalization, documentary comics formulates a distinct counterapproach to conventional journalism. In what ways are ‘facts’ being presented and framed? What is documentary honesty in a world of fake news and post-truth politics? How can the stories of marginalized peoples and neglected crises be told? The author investigates documentary comics in its unique relationship to framing: graphic narratives are essentially shaped by a reciprocal relationship between the manifest frames on the page and the attention to the cognitive frames that they generate. To account for both the textuality of comics and its strategic use as rhetoric, the author combines theories of framing analysis and cognitive narratology with comics studies and its attention toward the medium’s visual frames.“

Der Band kostet 74,89€ (ebook) bzw. 96,29€ (Print); weitere Informationen sowie Bestellmöglichkeiten finden sich auf der Verlagsseite.